Maryland FLL Media

Each year dedicated teams of photographers, writers, and videographers work to bring you great photos and summaries of the key events. NOTE: While everyone in these photos is photo-released, please use them with discretion.

Closing Ceremony Videos

2019-20 City Shaper/Boomtown Build

2018-19 Into Orbit

2017-2018 Hydro Dynamics and Aqua Adventure

2016-2017 Animal Allies and Creature Craze

2015-2016 Trash Trek and Waste Wise

2014-2015 World Class and Think Tank

2013-2014 Nature‚Äôs Fury and Disaster Blaster

2012-2013 Senior Solutions and Super Seniors

Photos from the State Championships

14 folders, thousands of great pics.

Photos from the 2018-19 State Championship

Photos from the 2017 State Championship