NLRubrics20201125New Judging Rubrics

This season Judges will use new simplified rubrics. These forms provide valuable feedback to teams. Coaches and teams should take time to review the new rubrics used in judging.


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Qualifer Locations and Dates (UPDATED)

As the new year approached, the Maryland FLL Planning Committee took note of the significant impacts of the omicron variant on schools around the state.  Out of concern for the teams who may have limited access to their robots and each other for several weeks, and for the safety of teams and volunteers, the Committee worked with the Tournament Directors to reschedule the first two weeks of qualifiers to later dates.  These dates are listed below, and all are now fully remote.

OLD Date

NEW Date

Name of Qualifier

Sat, Jan 15

Sat, Feb 19

Rockville Science Center 1/REMOTE

Sat, Jan 22

Sun, Feb 6

Roboquake on Lake/ REMOTE

Sat, Jan 22

Sat, Jan 29

Rockville Science Center 2/ REMOTE

Sat, Jan 22

Sat, Feb 5

DeMatha HS Qualifier 1/ REMOTE

Sun, Jan 23

Sun, Feb 6

DeMatha HS Qualifier 2/ REMOTE

Teams will hear from their Tournament Directors with more details. Our goal is to provide opportunities for celebration and recognition to all of the more than 200 teams in our state in the most safe and equitable manner possible.  Thank you for you, coaches, for your continued work and enthusiasm. 

Full Location List:

1/29/2022 Rockville Science Center 2 (REMOTE) RSC2
1/29/2022 Eastern Shore Regional Qualifier Eastern
2/5/2022 DeMatha HS Qualifier 1 (REMOTE) Dematha1
2/5/2022 Team APG (REMOTE) APG
2/6/2022 Roboquake on Lake (REMOTE) Quake
2/6/2022 DeMatha HS Qualifier 2 (REMOTE) Dematha2
2/12/2022 The McDonogh School McDonogh
2/13/2022 Roar of the Robots (REMOTE) Roar
2/19/2022 Rockville Science Center 1 (REMOTE) RSC1
2/26/2022 (DATE CHANGE) Baltimore City Qualifier Balt City
2/26/2022 Mountain Maryland Qualifier Mountain
2/26/2022 M-NCPCC Qualifier MNCPCC


Qualifier Assignments