Champion's Award

This award celebrates a team that embodies the FIRST LEGO League Challenge experience, by fully embracing our Core Values while achieving excellence and innovation in Robot Performance, Robot Design and the Innovation Project.


1st Place - WoodleyRobotics (47770)
This team's exceptional strategy and amazing spirit led them to greatness. They strove to complete every mission on the board without leaving any team member out in the Woods. Congratulations to Woodley Robotics!

2nd Place - North 40 (29167)
This small team was strong across the board, working with truckers to avoid unsafe and treacherous roads, while re-routing Terrance the robot to deliver his cargo to the bonus-scoring circles. They all pitched in, resulting in their safety app already being available for the Maryland truckers to use, and they had a great time recording their jingle promoting the app. Congratulations to North 40!

3rd Place - BLT (Build Legos Together) (45973)
This team's ability to sandwich outstanding Robot Design with an innovative project, along with a side dish of Core Values, made them a winning combo. 3rd place Champion's Award goes to team #45973, BLT!



Core Values Award

These teams display extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit, know they can accomplish more together than they could as individuals, and show each other and other teams respect at all times.

Award goes to:

This team was not slow to show the judges their terrific teamwork, but they took their time in tackling their project and robot design. Please congratulate the TECH TURTLES on their first place in Core Values!

Award Finalists

Dynamic Dino Drivers (54032)
This team really had their foot on the accelerator on their way to a dino-sized FLL experience, showing an amazing mix of teamwork and fun. Congratulations to the Dynamic Dino Drivers on being a Core Values Finalist!

Team Tofu (12803)
This teams spirit and inclusion of one another was commendable, and was "soy" awesome to see. Congratulations to the Core Values Finalist, Team Tofu.



Robot Design Award

These teams use outstanding programming principles and solid engineering practices to develop a robot that is mechanically sound, durable, efficient and highly capable of performing challenge missions.

Award goes to:
Couch Botatoes (45625)

This team demonstrated some advanced programming concept, to compliment a strong robot design and clear strategy. They clearly didn't spend much time napping on the couch! The 1st Place Robot Design Award goes to the Couch Botatoes

Award Finalists

Q-Tech (50669)
This team excelled at making the most of the least. Their design principles not only emphasized but required simple and creative solutions. You might even say their design earned a “Q+”. Congratulations to team 50669, Q-Tech!

Eagle Eyes (21223)
This teams engineering process to design and develop their awesome robot and attachments really stood out! Their testing procedures and code allowed them to realize their "clear vision". Congratulations, Eagle Eyes!



Robot Performance Award

This award celebrates teams that score the most points during the Robot Games. Teams have a chance to compete in two 2.5-minute matches and their highest score counts.

Award goes to:
Sunny Legend Robot (54679) - Top Score: 630 points

Award Finalists

WoodleyRobotics (47770) - Top Score: 610 points

BLT (Build Legos Together) (45973) - Top Score: 580 points



Innovation Project Award

These teams utilize diverse resources for their Innovation Project to help them gain a comprehensive understanding of their problem, have a creative, well-researched solution and effectively communicate their findings to judges and the community.

Award goes to:
Astro Jelly Dogs (2217)

The potential impact you have for the benefits of your project are astro-nomically high! We are jelly-ous of both your dog-ged determination to only make an impact and your abilities to explain your project so well! Well done! CONGRATULATIONS Astro Jelly Dogs!

Award Finalists

Techy Titans (52503)
A combination of innovative ideas, excellent research and iterative design changes allowed this team to develop into a titan. Congratulations Techy Titans!

PackageProtectors (31162)
This team may not be Iron men/Women but they definitely plan to protect our packages using their smart glasses. Congratulations PackageProtectors for being Innovation Project Finalist!



Global Innovation Regional Finalists

This nomination celebrates teams with an innovative project which is well defined and researched, solves a real world problem, has feedback from industry experts and final users, and has the potential to impact local and global communities.

Awards go to:

North 40 (29167)

PackageProtectors (31162)



Judges Awards

Judges Award - Rising Star - Alphabots (30999)
The potential this team has shown demonstrated that great things are in store in the future! Well Done! CONGRATULATIONS Alpabots, the Rising Star Award Winner! Judge Award Rising Star

Judges Award - Against All Odds - White Hawks (53848)
This team persevered after losing 5 team members in the middle of the season. They kept working, putting in extra time on weekends, Fridays, and recess, and impressed the judges with how they were able to share what they learned with other teams. Congratulations to the White Hawks, the Against All Odds award winner.

Judges Award - Rookie All-Star - Northern Middle School Grade 6 (55152)
This team impressed with how they strapped together their submissions. Their care for not only for the truckers, but also for their fellow 6th graders shone too brightly and really stood out. CONGRATULATIONS Northern Middle Schoolers!

Judges Award - Team Spirit - Code +We (52603)
This team demonstrated all of FIRST's core values. There was never a dull moment with their amazing positivity! The Judges Award for Team Spirit goes to Code+We! Judges Award - Team Spirit



Youth Mentor Award

FLL presents this award to the young adult, high school or college mentor whose support, impact, inspiration, and guidance are most clearly evident in the team’s nomination to the judges.

Awards go to:

Ryan Rich
Ryan is really great with the students. He is very knowledgeable about all the aspects of the competition and provides valuable insight. He is patient with the team, taking the time to make sure all the kids participate and learn. A great example of this is when he organized practice judging for the team with his High School classmates.
Ryan took a lot of time teaching the kids the importance of being a leader, while respecting the leadership and knowledge of others. He did this by setting up the first several meetings so each student would take a turn leading the group discussion about robot game strategy and innovation project problems. This allowed each participant to experience leading the team and helped them build confidence.
Ryan’s enthusiasm is something that was critical to our team’s success this season. He is always able to motivate the students, whether it's through starting the meeting with a cool video about a new technology, having show and tell, or by bringing cookies for the kids. He brings excitement to every meeting and creates an environment where fun and learning always work in tandem.
He is also able to relate to the students. He often shared his Minecraft creations with the kids or his Lego collection when we held virtual meetings. Ryan is a very approachable mentor and person who is always ready to help others.

Samuel Lin

Samuel's leadership style is about inclusion and collaboration. He treats his students as friends and family members. Below are the quotes from Team Tofu families.
From Tofu students:
"His expertise in robotics helped us be more creative in our missions. But, most of all, our coach Sam did something priceless for our team: he helped us form just that- a team! Challenged by his many instant challenge ideas, we grew to work with each other and function better as a team. Thanks for getting us this far, coach."
"He suggested helpful ways to use cardboard to prototype our solutions. Coach Samuel taught us how to program. Furthermore, he makes all of us feel welcome and unintimidated. Whenever we feel tired, stressed, or bored, he always finds a way to cheer us on."
From parents:
"Coach Samuel is creative when thinking of ways to help the team stay in learning and improving. For example, he recorded the competition and reviewed everyone's performance afterward. The recording and reviewing helped everyone learn where to improve and perform the best for the next challenge."
"Coach Samuel acts as a strict teacher, especially when kids are not paying attention. However, he is an amusing big brother in recess or after hours who loves playing video games with the boys. Kids love his coaching and personality."
"My son loves to go to the Lego robot meetings. He is learning and having a great time at the same time. Samuel shows patience and dedication all the time."
"This is the first time my son likes to go to a meeting and does not want to be late."


Adult Mentor Award

Many teams reach significant milestones thanks to their close relationship with an adult mentor. This award goes to the coach or mentor whose wisdom, guidance, and devotion are most clearly evident in the team’s nomination to the judges.

Award goes to:

Katie Schmidt
Katie is always positive and so very patient with the students, in spite of academic and social-emotional gaps resulting from the pandemic. She helps guide our FLL students to do their best, even when she is quarantining and needs to join meetings over Zoom. She does a wonderful job of inquiry-based questioning so that students are processing the work and she can remain hands-off. For it being her first year as a coach, she did a phenomenal job.



Volunteer Awards

The FLL program would not exist without its volunteers. This award honors extraordinary volunteers whose dedication to the FLL program has a positive impact on the team experience.

Volunteer of the Year: Rose Young
Rose is recognized for her dedication and assistance with FLL this year, helping to organize, design, and implement our qualifying tournaments. She worked with each of our qualifier tournament directors to help them plan their respective events, build schedules and tournament formats that were compliant with ever-changing pandemic restrictions, and recruit volunteers to compete at the events.  Her persistence and follow through ensured that all of our teams were able to participate in a tournament this year, and that those events, regardless of format, or ever changing requirements, were successful and the team members had a positive experience. 

Volunteer of the Year: Theresa Jahng
Theresa was a driving force for judging across all of the Maryland events this season, and repeatedly took on additional tasks to make sure the judging process ran smoothly, from stepping in to take on a training session at the last minute, to volunteering as a judge at a qualifier event she wasn't already working to ensure enough judges were available.  In her role as Judge Advisor, she led judging at multiple qualifiers, including conducting judge training sessions to teach new judges how to be effective in the role.  For states, she led volunteer recruitment and training, along with the Global Innovation Regional Finalist judging process and served as a judge advisor once again during the Championship event.  Her significant efforts were critical to making this season a success, and helped all of the teams have a stronger judging experience this season.  Thank you Theresa for all of the time you devoted to making judging a success!