20180224 13 36 16 IMG 2760 768x432FIRST and many other organizations, including other teams, provide a variety of resources and training for both veteran and rookie FIRST teams. This page contains links to manuals, documents and other resources that will increase your knowledge of FIRST and its various components.

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Completing Consent Forms

Consent forms are required by all participants in FIRST INSPIRES programs. Please see the steps below to complete this process.

Parent Instructions:

  1. Create a Parent/Guardian Account at www.firstinspires.org
    • Make sure they put their name and email, not their child’s.  This is a parent account, not their child’s account.
  2. Once they are signed in, then they need to add their child
  3. Click on Parent/Guardian – Youth tab
  4. Click on Add a Youth
  5. Fill out details on page
  6. Email is not required for youth.  Do not put the parent’s email here.  If child does not have their own, leave it blank.
    • Note – If they are over 13, then I believe email is required.  So for FTC and FRC, these instructions are going to be a little different.
  7. Consent form – make sure they complete this one!
  8. Then Apply for team
  9. Select FLL
  10. Enter the team #
  11. That’s all parents need to do

The coach/team administrator then will need to go into FIRST and accept the request to be on the team.



FLL Team Resources

Tutorials and Guides

Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Badge-A-Minit – Retailer for button equipment and supplies
  • Don’s Buttons:  Dr. Don’s Buttons is your online source for custom buttons, campaign items, lapel stickers, bumper stickers, button machines, button-making supplies… and MORE!!
  • LEGO Education – The FLL program utilizes products from LEGO Education, Each year, FLL teams purchase their Challenge Sets from LEGO Education. Teams must start by registering at FIRST INSPIRES.
  • Robot Mats: A collection of training mats for use all year to hone your team’s skills.


Other Resources

  • ASEE – The official website for the American Society of Engineering Education
  • ASME – The official website for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • IEEE – The official website for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
  • NASA Robotics Alliance – An educational program designed to increase robotics expertise in the U.S.
  • Science Resources – A non-profit organization that promotes quality science and engineering education
  • SME – The official website for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • SWE – The official website for the Society of Women Engineers, advocates for women achieving their full potential in engineering careers