NASA FIRST Lego League 2018 Challenge Space Resources

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

FIRST Lego League 2018 Challenge Space Resources

Travel: 3D printing, life support systems (water and energy), spacecraft, disposal and recycling

Space Travel

Deep Space Habitat

What is Microgravity?


Life support systems

Life support systems background information



Repurposing Space Station Trash for Power for-power-and-water/

The temperature on the ISS

NASA Space Tech

3-D Printing in Zero-G

3-D Printer on ISS

3-D Printer creates first object on ISS object-in-space-on-international-space-station

3-D printed rocket part future-sls-engine-costs

Social: isolation, confinement, communication to Earth

Journals on the ISS

Behavioral Health Emotions Simulating Confinement

Long duration psychology

Isolation program-director


Physical: food, exercise, radiation

Human Research Program

Eating in Space

ISS: Vegetable Production System (Veggie)

Space Garden

Exercising in Space

Space Radiation

Body in Space

Bone loss



Sickness ml

Comprehensive resources: on two or more of the topics above

NASA’s Eyes: Experience Earth and Our Solar System, the universe and the spacecraft exploring them

International Space Station Virtual Tour (360 VR)

Living in Space

Human Research Program

Body in space

Physical and Emotional Survival

Hazards of Spaceflight