FLL Challenge Teams in Maryland are invited to one Qualifying Tournament, or Qualifier, each season.  Qualifiers are held all around the state and are hosted by volunteer organizations who support FLL Challenge and other programs. Schools, community colleges and other venues welcome 12-32 teams to each event.  The events take place from December through early February in Maryland.  Family and friends are invited to watch the robot game and cheer on the team.  All qualifiers are open to the public free of charge.

The Qualifier is an opportunity to celebrate all aspects of the team’s achievements over the course of the season.  The main goal is to have fun while sharing what each member has learned. Teams are encouraged to bring smiles, funny hats and plenty of gracious professionalism.

Qualifiers are one-day events. A typical schedule is

  • 7am-8:30am  Check –in and set up for teams to get into the PIT Area
  • 8:15am  Coaches Meeting 
  • 9am-12pm Judging and Practice Rounds (Combined Judging, all at once). At least one practice round in morning
  • 12:30pm  Opening Ceremony
  • 1pm-4pm Robot Match Rounds 
  • 4:30ish Awards Ceremony

All team members will receive a medal, and some teams receive an award.  A few teams will advance from the qualifier to the state tournament.  The Judge Advisor will invite teams at the end of the event.

Last updated on December 13th, 2023