VOLUNTEERS 20180224 11 36 55 IMG 1727 768x512The 2020-21 Maryland FIRST LEGO League season will feature competitions held around the state. Competitions are hosted by a wide variety of local organizations and range in size to accommodate venues and demand. All FLL teams are assigned to compete at one qualifier and a subset of teams will then advance to the State Championship.

The local qualifiers will need 40-50 volunteers each and the State Championship held at UMBC will need 300 volunteers! Some hosting sites recruit all volunteers from within their organizations, but most sites welcome new volunteers. New volunteers can play a wide variety of roles such as judges (technical and nontechnical), referees and logistics. Training is provided for all positions.

Last year it took more than 800 volunteers just like you to run the FIRST LEGO League program in Maryland. Thank you for joining this wonderful community!

The next steps

1. If you want to register interest in volunteering, have questions about volunteering, or would like to be connected with an event host please register here:  CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM

2. Or if you are ready to sign up to volunteer for FLL events:

  • New FIRST volunteers will have to create an account and be screened (no cost), under the FIRST Youth Protection Program – YPP). There may be a few days turnaround time as your application is processed through the YPP.
  • You will then be able to apply for an event and you will be able to login to your Dashboard to search and apply for an event: https://www.firstinspires.org/
  • The local volunteer coordinator will then be in touch.
  • Requirements:
    * Event volunteers must be at least 13 years old.
    * Parent/guardian permission required for all volunteers under 18.
    * For high school students looking for community service hours, the on-site Volunteer Coordinator can complete forms at the competition.

For additional assistance, please consult the following resources: