1.  Judging expectations for Maryland Qualifiers

  • There will be NO video submissions for any event.  Judging is consolidated, and based solely on the interview at the event.
  • Judging will take place over about 30 minutes, with 2-3 judges interviewing the team.  The consolidated format will be essentially as shown in this flowchart.
  • A Coaches meeting will be scheduled shortly after Team Check-in at each event. There will not be an on-line meeting prior to the event.  The Tournament Director, Judge Advisor and Head Referee will take questions from coaches as part of this meeting.
  • Teams may bring additional materials, including notebooks, tri-folds, or a slideshow to judging.  Coaches may not participate (this includes setting up or advancing slides on a computer) and no one other than the coach, one videographer and the team is permitted in the judging session. Please advise families that they will not be able to accompany the team to judging.
  • Nothing is to be left behind with judges.  Judges have very limited time, and do not have the ability to manage materials left with them.
  • Events check-in will typically be 7 am for teams, and judging and practice is in the morning.  Robot rounds (best of 3) occur in the afternoon.  Depending on the number of teams, events can end between 4 and 5 pm. Your Tournament Directors will have schedules within about 3 weeks of your event.  The entire team is expected to participate for the full day.

2.  ALL teams must have TWO coaches who have completed all FIRST requirements, including a screening, Youth Protection Program and sign-off on a Consent Form. Teams are being notified, but can proactively correct missing information on the FIRSTInspires dashboard.  Team members should then be signed up as instructed here so that the coach can bring a complete roster to the event. Thank you for addressing this as soon as possible. It will result in a better experience for teams, coaches and volunteers.

3.  Coach Kick-off notes and recordings can be found here.  Please refer to this material at the FIRST Website.  Additional questions will be answered in upcoming newsletters and on the website.

4.  Coaches are strongly encouraged to volunteer as a judge or referee at another event.  See this page for the steps to sign up. Coaches may NOT judge at the event at which their team will be competing.

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023