How to register:

  • Review the available locations and dates here.  Determine the team’s top three choices, in order of preference. Know your team number!
  • One contact (Coach 1 or 2, or the Administrator, or any designated person who will pay with a credit card) should access the registration here:
  • Select the team number from the drop-down list and provide contact information and a credit card to pay the registration fee. Payment is processed by the UMBC Foundation, and you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Wait to be notified in early November of your assignment.  Assignments changes will generally not be made.  Make sure you are able to attend ANY of your three choices.
  • Expect your Tournament Director to contact you within 3 weeks of your event, or sooner in some cases.
  • Once you know where and when your team will compete, please consider volunteering as a judge or referee at another tournament. Follow the steps outlined here, and encourage team parents and friends to join you.  

Important notes:

  • There has been one change in date; McDonogh’s event will be Saturday, 27 Jan versus Sunday, 28 Jan
  • If you are associated with a host who is requesting your team, use the same process and list that event as your #1 choice, and two others you would consider. Remind the host to list your team in their request.
  • The assignment process is not based on when you register. This is not first-come, first-served. Sign up by Wednesday, November 1, and then we work magic to try to give every team one of their top choices. We have a very good track record, but nothing is 100% perfect.
  • If a December qualifier is your top choice, you can expect a very prompt assignment notification. Remember that all qualifiers are equally balanced in terms of advancing teams and all teams have had sufficient time to prepare (consider the many regions including VA/DC who have tournaments in November!). A December qualifier can be a very good choice for many teams.
  • If you are registering two or more teams and wish to have them at the same event, add that in the notes or email  
  • If you are registering more than five teams, email for instructions for a bulk registration.
  • If your team was not registered with FIRST at the time registration opens, your team number will not be listed on the registration form.  Email for assistance if you paid later and are not listed.

Check the FAQs for additional information.

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023